Meet the travel xperience team

Let's get acquainted. We are Adrian, Deron, and Shandra, a group of friends much like you, who love to provide an Xperience for our travelers to different destinations.


Adrian is a party planner and organizer. She loves to make sure guests are informed and prepared for any travel adventure.


Deron is the life of any party and enjoys cooking and providing the best hospitality there is to offer. When Deron endorses an event, you know the best is yet to come.


Shandra is the logistical guru. She loves to make sure all T's are crossed and I's dotted. She's full of surprises the make your travel Xperience something special.

With the three of these entrepreneurs working together, Th3 Travel Xperience is the perfect mix to your vacation needs.

Th3 Travel Xperience's goal is for clients to enjoy destinations that focus on fun and having a world class Xperience with amazing amenities. Resort style travel and adventures are the primary focus. Our mission is to build and maintain clients that return every year and continue to commit to providing worry-free, all inclusive destination travel like no other.